Passion from Track to Street


Racing since the beginning / Our roots in motorsports

Michelin has been racing since 1891, just a few years after the company was founded. We're the only tire manufacturer to have won events and titles in almost all of motorsport’s major disciplines over a period of the last four decades.

Racing constantly feeds our design and development programs, pushing the boundaries of our technological innovation. It allows us to develop tires that win races and then bring that progress back to the street - to consumer automobiles.

That philosophy led us to develop MICHELIN® Total Performance™. We reconcile conflicting design goals to create tires that excel in a variety of conditions.

Michelin’s commitment to motorsports

"We must not forget about another vital ingredient, and that is passion: (...) the passion we share with our partners who have exacting demands, plus the passion that helps us rise to the challenges we face on the ground, weekend after weekend, across the globe. Not to mention the pride that comes with winning."

- P. COUASNON, Director, Michelin Motorsport

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