Passion from Track to Street


Racing since the beginning / Roots in motorsports

Michelin has been racing since 1891, just a few years after the company was founded. They're the only tire manufacturer to have won events and titles in almost all of motorsport’s major disciplines over a period of the last four decades.

Racing constantly feeds their design and development programs, pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. It allows them to develop tires that win races and then bring that progress back to the street - to consumer automobiles.

That philosophy led them to develop MICHELIN® Total Performance™. They reconcile conflicting design goals to create tires that excel in a variety of conditions.

About Triple M LLC

Triple M LLC was founded in 2005 by Markko Martin and Juss Roden. They have invested their experience and knowledge in to this company to provide the best quality for their clients. In Baltic region Triple M is mostly know by the name of the rally team - MM-Motorsport. Michelin motorsport tires have played a big and important part in the MM-Motorsport activities. Over the years their clients have won several championships and they have supported young and talented drivers. When you are planning to buy tires from Triple M you can count on their expert opinion and wide range of choice of different compounds and patterns to meet all your needs. Although Triple M has been Micheline motorsport tires dealer already more than 10 years they only offer tires for cars. For Micheline racing tires for bikes please contact your local Michelin dealer.

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